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July 15, 2021
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How Tanzanite Prices Rose Since Its Founding And Current Prices

For decades or even centuries now, gemstones have been a symbol of class, elegance, distinction, and even psychological gains. The price and value of gemstones such as diamonds have been dictated by their size, grade, and color. However, for rarer gems such as Tanzanite, prices are also subject to the laws of supply and demand, whereby a decreasing quantity of stones mined and an increase in interest for the gems may lead to inflation.

Tanzanite price for ring has changed over time

Factors Affecting Pricing

Standing among some of the rarest gemstones in the world, Tanzanite has gained incredible collective value due to its scarcity. Found solely in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Tanzanite mines are expected to run out in the next decades making it a collectible asset that will continue to gain value over time.

Top-grade fine Tanzanites are becoming increasingly rare, thus their value is highly interlinked with rarity. The finer the color, cut, or clarity of the stone, the higher the price. Tanzanite stones are usually classified by brackets with a range of possible prices based on their carat weight, color grading, and the different distribution outlets. A range of prices is usually considered as the purchase of the gem from high-end distributors such as Tiffany & Co may result in significantly higher costs than buying from the source.

As a general idea, the purchase of a Tanzanite of up to 1.99 carats in 2020 could reach prices of around $600-$700 for the finest investment grade stones, $425-$480 for AAA grade, $300 for AA grade, $200 for A grade and $100 for B grade.

Carat Weight/ Grade0.00 -1.99 carat2.00-2.99 carat3.00-9.99 carats10 carats
Investment Grade$600-700$750-$1350$780-$1380$800-$1500
* All Prices are based on Carats(Weight)

The Beginning

Discovered in 1967 in the foothill of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Tanzanite rough stone had little to no monetary value as it was still unknown to gemologists and the public. Unaware of the treasure they had stumbled upon, it is said that the Maasai people, the initial discoverers of the Tanzanite stones, would merely play with the bright blue gems. It is only later that Manuel de Sousa, an immigrant from Goa, India, recognized the value of the alluvial deposits of blue zoisite found around the foothill and filed an appeal for the mining of Tanzanite.

Modern Age

Soon after the beginning of the mining process, Tiffany & Co, renowned American luxury jewelers, took an interest in the unique, intense bluestone and took control of the market, renaming what was once ‘blue zoisite’ after its country of origin.

During this period, Tanzanite's price skyrocketed as the brand held the monopoly and marketed the gem as the stone of a generation until the diversification of the market in the 80s. Furthermore, the unreliable supply has kept the Tanzanite price high while the demand continued to increase as the word of the discovery of this rare stone spread further. 


As interesting news for people looking to invest in a Tanzanite gem, the current worldwide Covid-19 situation has resulted in a drop in prices of about 20-30%, similar to the recession in 2008 and 2009. While we hope the virus will be ancient history soon, now is the perfect time to buy fine Tanzanite at reduced prices and make an investment of ever-increasing value.

We, at The Tanzanite Experience, are here to assist you in making the best investment possible by choosing the best from a wide selection of stones and jewelry for yourself and your future generations.



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