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May 12, 2022
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Is Tanzanite A Good Investment?

Why do museums adorn the most lavish crown jewels? Why do the famous display outrageous necklaces and brooches on the red carpet? Why have maharajahs built whole rooms and vaults dedicated to showcasing their collections? The once well-kept secret of the rich is now common knowledge: little holds value like rare and precious jewelry.

History of Jewelry

In ancient times, jewelry held little monetary value. Used mostly to signify rank, prowess, or commitment, village chiefs would make necklaces out of leather, feathers, and bones to demonstrate their status, and hunters would wear the teeth, claws, and horns of their last kills as a show of strength and skill, while slaves would be forced to wear special cuffs and bracelets to show to which house they belonged to.

In these early days of civilization, precious gems did not hold the same worth as we know today. It was only as craftsmen learned to truly shape and cut the stones to expose their shine and brilliance that gemstones became involved in trade, barter, and economics. Since, the real value of jewels has grown exponentially with multiple sovereign empires and monarchies investing in intricately gemed crowns, necklaces, bracelets, gowns, and more as a symbol of wealth, power, and supremacy. Some of these jewels have now been sold at auctions around the world for hundreds of thousands of dollars or joined the most impressive museum collections.

Why Invest in Tanzanite

The Stone of a Generation

Among the rarest gemstones found to this day, the Tanzanite has grown famous among jewelers and collectors for its scarcity. With only one source in the world, the conditions which have given birth to this blue-violet stone are so unique that gemologists have completely ruled out the possibility of ever finding another Tanzanite deposit anywhere on the globe. 

The origin of the Tanzanite stone dates back to the formation of the mythical Mount Kilimanjaro and the shifting of tectonic plates which caused intense geological conditions. The specific pressures, temperatures, and soil composition present at that time in that specific area sparked the crystallization of Blue Zoisite deposits which are now widely known as Tanzanite.

Due to this unique singular event and the recent active foraging in the region, Tanzanite mines are expected to run out in the next 10 to 20 years. As our generation is the last with the opportunity to acquire first-hand Tanzanite, Tiffany & Co. has granted it the name ‘The Gem of a Generation’.

The value of Tanzanite thus cannot be evaluated by its current price alone but by its resale cost in the future. After the next couple of decades, anyone wishing to purchase a piece of Tanzanite jewelry will need to get it from someone who bought it today. Following basic economic principles, this gives the gem incredible collectible value as the demand continues to rise while the availability of the gem will remain the same as the day the last Tanzanite stone is mined. The greater the demand and scarcity of a product, the greater its price on the market.

Why Invest in Tanzanite Earring

Current Situation

Covid-19 and Reallocation

While the Covid-19 pandemic has negatively affected multiple sectors of the global economy, jewelers and analysts have noticed an unexpected boom in the sale of jewelry and precious stones. This sudden flourish in the market has been allocated to multiple factors.


Crowning over the impacted sectors of this pandemic, the travel, and tourism industry has undoubtedly suffered the most. While the closing of borders and the sanitary restrictions have put a serious strain on the hospitality industry, travel bans may have indirectly allowed the rise of the gem industry. Over the past few years, millions of dollars usually allocated to holidays, visiting resorts with children, honeymoons, or even simple weekend getaways have suddenly become stagnant in people's accounts.

This new-found budget can provide a safe backup for hard times but also be intelligently used in long-term investments such as the purchase of rare stones and jewelry. As trends have recently seen precious metals such as gold outranked New York real estate and US equities, the reallocation of travel funds has been one of the major reasons for the boom of the jewelry industry since the beginning of the pandemic.

Investing in Romance

On a smaller but similar scale, jewelry sales have also benefited from the fall of social activities. A few years ago, if a partner wanted to show love and affection through a romantic gesture, they would take their loved one on a date, to a fancy restaurant, or even at one of the multiple social, cultural or musical events of the moment. Nowadays, this proves to be significantly harder. With the closure of multiple leisure and entertainment venues as well as constant social distancing measures, the best way to show one's affection may have shifted to jewelry.

The reason Why invest in Tanzanite

Online Shopping

Due to lockdowns and sanitary restrictions, multiple jewelers have put their physical stores on the back burner and focused on other alternatives. With the recent precipitation towards digital, online shopping websites have experienced a boom. 

Why Invest in Tanzanite Jewelry?

Increasing Value

It is well-established that fine jewelry gains worth over time. A single of Marie Antoinette’s bracelets, dating back to the time of the French Monarchy, has recently been auctioned for almost 8.2 million dollars despite the current Covid situation. While buying a Tanzanite today may not bring you a million tomorrow, well-kept precious gems and expertly crafted pieces can prove to offer amazing returns on investment with a little patience and care.

While the cut, color, and clarity of the stone will also influence its worth, investment grade Tanzanite has currently been estimated at around $600 to $1500 for stones ranging up to 10 carats. Prices are sure to increase as the mines run out.

Covid-19 drop

A small silver lining to the Covid-19 pandemic, the prices of Tanzanite gemstones have recently dropped by around 20-30%. Amazing news for people looking to why invest in Tanzanite, you can now acquire the gemstone of your dreams at a reduced price and patiently wait for the market to rise and stabilize again before capitalizing on your ever-increasing investment. 


An ancestral tradition, the passing of precious stones and jewelry to loved ones and the next generation has long been used as a symbol of family ties and a way to carry down riches through the ages. Heirlooms hold both sentimental and monetary value. By offering Tanzanite jewelry, you demonstrate your affection while giving a gift that will only continue to gain value as time passes and the supply of the gems dibbles down.

Why Invest in Tanzanite Rings, Pendants and Earrings

The Digital Era

Quite controversially, with multiple physical stores closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, customers have taken their urges to the web. Quickly adapting to the conditions, jewelers have doubled their efforts and now provide state-of-the-art, reliable online jewelry shopping sites

If your only excuse not to buy jewelry was that you didn't have the time to visit a store and browse through the options, online shopping, and delivery services have efficiently bridged the gap. 

From the comfort of your home, buying your favorite Tanzanite jewelry has never been easier. Our online catalog offers detailed pictures and descriptions of the multiple Tanzanites for sale. From cut, color, and clarity to a carat weight, you will find all the necessary information to make the smart selection based on your budget and preferences.

Certificates of Authenticity

While online shopping might be fun and practical, one thing to look for when purchasing jewelry is a certificate of authenticity. This piece of paper is unique to each Tanzanite gemstone and assures the quality, authenticity, and provenance of the stone. At The Tanzanite Experience, all our gems are delivered with their unique certificates of authenticity and identification numbers.

Why Invest in Tanzanite with different Carats

Care for your Jewelry

It is true that jewelry and Tanzanite are considered wearable investments. Unlike antique vases, plates, or rugs which have to be stored away, you can enjoy and elevate your outfits with your Tanzanite pieces any day. However, to offer the best return on investment should you decide to sell, it is crucial that your gems be in pristine condition. While jewels may not provide immediate reaping, caring for your stones and ensuring they are properly stored and cleaned will allow you to sell them at the best rates in the future.

Tanzanite jewelry is delicate and should be cleaned using lukewarm water and very little soap. You should also avoid wearing your rings and bracelets while doing tasks that require friction or might require abrasive substances such as dishwashing, gardening, cooking, and more. 

If you are ready for the stone of your dreams, our catalog offers a wide variety of Tanzanite gems including multiple investment-grade pieces.



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