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November 20, 2023
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Shaping Your Dreams: The Beauty of Cushion Heart and Hexagon Gemstones

Buying a gemstone, especially a Tanzanite is a joyous yet overwhelming experience. Aiming to buy the best and genuine cushion heart and hexagon Gemstones is an important aspect of Tanzanite buying and a lot of considerations go into the decision.

The 4Cs are set standards for assessments and once passed, a Tanzanite becomes the true beauty to invest in. The ‘Cut’ is one of the important considerations while buying a Tanzanite and because it runs parallel to the shape, it makes it all the more important in this post as we are going to talk about admiring the amazingness of Tanzanite by exploring its various shapes.

How cut and shape of tanzanite are interconnected?

Tanzanite comes in different shapes. You can buy a cushion-shaped gemstone, a heart-shaped gemstone, or a hexagon gemstone depending on your personal choice. The choices are abundant and are the most intriguing part of the buying process.

Now, the Cut & shape of a gemstone is what makes the aesthetic part of it. As you set your eyes upon a gemstone, the first thing that attracts you is its shape closely followed by the cut, which brings the true beauty out of the naturally occurring Tanzanite. Cut and shape are two different attributes but work together as they form the overall presence of Tanzanite.

While shape defines how the Cushion Heart and Hexagon Gemstones appear to the naked eye, cuts distinguish it by bringing in precision and redefining the essence of this rare gemstone. So, for the sake of the layman’s understanding, these terms are used interchangeably even though they have a very thin line distinguishing them.

Cut: Cut is what we achieve after a rough crystal undergoes the intricate cutting process and achieves a polished, transparent, and brilliant look.

Shape: It is the end appearance of the gemstone defined during the cutting process which depicts how the gemstone resembles the known forms.

These attributes, combinedly determine the color, clarity, and overall brilliance of the gemstone-Tanzanite.

In the case of Tanzanite, the color is spread over in the rough crystal and it is the efficiency of the cutter to ensure the piece comes out showcasing the best of hues. The cutter has to work intricately on the crystal ensuring that it comes out aesthetically appealing and also has a significant size.

Different types of cushion heart and hexagon gemstones shapes

There are many shape choices for gemstones divided into categories like natural shapes, classic shapes as well and unusual shapes. In this post, we will talk about three classic gemstone shapes- Cushion shape gemstone, heart shape gemstone, and Hexagon gemstone- that have been popular choices since the very first appearance of gemstones.

Cushion Shape gemstone

In the gemstone world, there are a few shapes that define supremacy and one of these shapes is Cushion shaped gemstone. Its timeless elegance and never-ending charm make it a classic beauty to admire. It is an amalgam of advanced cutting skills and a shape that reflects the feeling of charm and admiration that jewelry enthusiasts and gemstone lovers realize always.

This shape showcases distinct rounded corners and a large facet that enhances the natural brilliance of Tanzanite or any other gemstone. The color enhancement because of the shape is even more appealing as it makes it captivating to the core.

The combination of large facets with a deeper pavilion makes Cushion-shaped gemstones stand out from the rest. It is a shape that is used to convey the feeling of romance and is a classic example of vintage charm. However, being intricate, cushion-shaped gemstone demands more care to offer long-lasting charm.

The cushion shape was once known as mine cut and is a combination of a square cut but with rounded corners. It very much looks like a pillow and is one of the oldest known shapes in the gemstone realm- almost 200 years old.

Key characteristics of cushion-shaped gemstones:

  • Cushion-shaped gemstones reflect light in a chunkier manner.
  • The intricate edges and finer cuts make cushion-shaped gemstones brighter and more appealing.
  • It can be a square-shaped as well as a rectangular-shaped gemstone with rounded corners.
  • It shows more colors than other classic cuts.

Jewellery made with cushion-shaped gemstone

The beauty of cushion-shaped gemstone is that it goes pretty well with a wide range of jewelry pieces. It is an ideal choice of shape for engagement rings and wedding rings. You can also buy amazing earrings and ear studs with cushion-shaped gemstones. In fact, cushion-shaped gemstone is a popular choice for necklaces and pendants. Leading tanzanite gemstone and jewelry sellers will also offer you a wide array of bracelets with cushion-shaped gemstones.

The Tanzanite Ring Made Of Cushion Heart and Hexagon Gemstones

Heart Shaped gemstones

This particular gemstone shape needs a little less introduction as it has been the very way of expressing love and affection for ages. Heart-shaped gemstones are bought by people to impress, propose, or show love to their sweethearts because well, they showcase the amazing shape of a heart which is part of beloved Cushion, Heart, and Hexagon Gemstones.

Some core aspects of heart-shaped gemstones that also decide the beauty and value of this shape include its few essential details. A heart-shaped gemstone has a cleft which is the V-shaped area in the middle of two lobes of the heart and the lowermost area is known as the Point. The centre part of the shape is known as the belly where the gemstone is slightly curved and wide. Finally, the area that lies between the belly and the point is known as a wing.

The Heart Shaped Tanzanite Gemstone as viewed From inside the Ocean with Marine Life

Heart-shaped gemstones especially diamonds became popular in the mid-15th century. It was once considered the preferred shape but soon became the choice of the masses as it became more accessible to one and all.

After the discovery of Tanzanite, it was soon that heart-shaped gemstones were made available to customers, and to date, they remain a popular choice. Its extravagance and ingrained glamour make heart-shaped gemstones an essential piece to buy and cherish forever.

Key characteristics of heart-shaped gemstones

  • The length of the heart-shaped gemstone is measured from the point to an imaginary line across the lobes.
  • The width of a heart-shaped gemstone is the measurement of its widest part.
  • The best heart-shaped gemstones feature a length and width ratio of 1:1 to 1:1.2.
  • Symmetry plays a crucial role in defining the value of heart-shaped gemstones. The loves., wings, and belly should be symmetrical.
  • The undefined point makes a major flaw in a heart-shaped gemstone.
  • The cleft is expected to have a striking and well-defined V shape.
  • Heart-shaped gemstones with a knife-edge girdle are prone to easy chipping and hence must be avoided.
  • It is the point of a heart-shaped gemstone that gets most easily damaged.

Jewelry made with heart-shaped gemstones

Heart-shaped gemstone jewelry has been a hit choice among all ages and genders. You can easily find the most beautiful heart-shaped necklace sets, heart-shaped gemstone pendants, and striking heart-shaped gemstone earrings. In earrings, both heart-shaped gemstone studs and dropping earrings are frequently bought by people for personal use as well as for gifting purposes.

In the rings category, both heart-shaped gemstone wedding rings and heart-shaped gemstone engagement rings are available. You can also buy sophisticated and classic daily wear heart-shaped gemstone rings for yourself or your loved ones as its one of the beloved Cushion, Heart, and Hexagon Gemstones.

The Heart Shaped Tanzanite Earrings

Hexagon Gemstones

Hexagon is one of the most striking shapes of geometry and when cut in gemstones, this particular shape enhances the natural splendor and innate brilliance. A hexagon gemstone is admired for its geometric lines as well as modern aesthetics making it a fine and distinguished choice of gemstone shape. The shape features a six-sided structure making the beautiful tanzanite even more appealing.

The Hexagon Shaped Tanzanite Gemstone

A hexagon gemstone can be cut in two different ways- Brilliant cut hexagon gemstone and Step cut hexagon gemstone. Both have their innate features which makes hexagon gemstones appealing and desirable to another level. Depending upon your choice, you can invest in any of these cut options.

Key characteristics of hexagon gemstones

  • The ideal ratio of hexagon gemstone can be a square-like ratio which is 1:1 or a rectangle-like ratio which is 1:2 or 1:5. You can choose one depending upon your taste and preference.
  • The best hexagonal gemstones feature well-aligned facets, with balanced proportions as well as a vintage look.
  • With symmetry, a hexagon gemstone reflects the light evenly showing the best color. It enhances the brilliance of Tanzanite.

Jewelry made with hexagon gemstone

Engagement rings are the most popular piece of jewelry featuring a hexagon shape. This shape is also used in making pendants and centerpieces of necklaces. You can even find the most intriguing designs of earrings and studs featuring hexagon gemstones.

The shape is one of the most important aspects of buying the best Cushion, Heart, and Hexagon Gemstones. As you discover different shapes, you learn about the amazingness of gemstones and how they can be more beautifully used in your jewelry. 

The Blue Hexagon shaped Tanzanite Pendant

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