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March 18, 2024
7 mins.

Wedding Anniversary Stones: Celebrate with the Perfect Gem

If you’re looking to celebrate your marriage milestone with a treasured gemstone, our guide to wedding anniversary stones is exactly what you need. Each anniversary year has a stone that captures the essence of the time spent together, from the first-year gold symbolizing a bright beginning to the decade-strong diamond representing enduring love. Find out which stones represent each anniversary and how to select the ideal gemstone gift without any guesswork.

Key Takeaways

  • Gold is the traditional gemstone for the first wedding anniversary, symbolizing a shining start and a wealthy future, with gold and silver jewelry representing the occasion.
  • Each wedding anniversary is associated with different gemstones such as garnet for the second, pearls for the third, and blue topaz for the fourth, each symbolizing different facets of a relationship.
  • As a marriage progresses, certain milestones like the fifth (sapphire), tenth (diamond), and beyond are marked with specific gemstones, emphasizing the importance of personalization and care in selecting and maintaining anniversary gifts.

First Anniversary: The Golden Beginning

Elegant gold necklace and bracelet Wedding Anniversary Stone

One year has gone by since the day you both pledged lifelong commitment to each other in holy matrimony. As you celebrate your first year wedding anniversary, you honor the golden beginning of your shared life and many wedding anniversaries to come. Gold, the symbol of a shining start and a wealthy future, is the traditional gemstone for this milestone.

This tradition, rooted in the Victorian Era, recognizes the significance of the first step in your shared journey. The softness of gold, as well as the elegance of sterling silver, serves as a reminder of the flexibility needed in the initial phase of your union, and its gleam represents the precious memories from your inaugural year as a couple. Wedding rings, especially those made of gold and sterling silver, symbolize this beautiful tradition.

Gold Jewelry Ideas

The abundance of gold anniversary gift choices mirrors the multitude of unique love stories celebrated. Some options include:

  • Simple yet elegant gold bracelets and necklaces
  • Unique golden charm bracelets that allow for new charms to be added each year
  • White and rose gold, offering a contemporary twist to the traditional yellow golden, for those who crave a touch of uniqueness

The possibilities are endless.

Second Anniversary: Garnet's Beauty

Celebrating your second anniversary, the allure of garnet mirrors the steady intensification of your connection. Garnet symbolizes attraction and determination, celebrating the strength of your love. Revered since ancient times, this gem of love and heart enhances its inherent sparkle with its lack of eye-visible inclusions.

Whether paired with regal yellow golden or modern platinum, the deep, rich hue of red garnet captures attention and symbolizes the depth of your intimate bond.

Garnet Jewelry Styles

Selecting a garnet item for your second anniversary stands as a symbol of your love’s resilience and aesthetic appeal. From the beloved three-stone garnet ring symbolizing the past, present, and future of your journey, to the versatile garnet stud earrings fitting various occasions, each piece is a testament to love’s endurance.

Timeless heart-shaped solitaire garnet pendants and distinctive nature-themed garnet bracelets offer an impressive range of styles for your anniversary gift. For a personalized touch, consider garnet-accented medallion necklaces featuring zodiac constellations or contemporary 14K rose golden bangles with garnet and diamonds.

Third Anniversary: The Elegance of Pearls

Beautiful pearl earrings and necklace

Commemorating your third year of wedded bliss, pearls, emblematic of purity, wealth and wisdom, aptly represent your flourishing journey as a couple. Whether you choose the classic elegance of Akoya pearls, the grandeur of large South Sea pearls, or the distinctive allure of black Tahitian pearls, the gift of pearl jewelry speaks volumes of your lasting love.

Pearl Care Tips

Preserving the beauty of your precious pearls requires a touch of care. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Store them in a cloth bag or fabric-lined jewelry box to prevent scratches
  • Keep them flat to avoid stretching the strands
  • Minimize contact with cosmetics by putting on your pearls last
  • Wipe them with a soft cloth after wearing
  • Regularly inspect the silk strand and clasp to ensure your pearls withstand the test of time.

Clean them with a damp cloth or mild soapy water, avoid harsh chemicals, and make sure they are thoroughly air-dried before storage.

Fourth Anniversary: Blue Topaz Connection

Celebrating the fourth year of your shared love story, blue topaz introduces its distinct allure. Associated with love and affection, its symbolism captures themes of loyalty and righteousness, reflecting the depth of your bond. Moreover, blue topaz fosters confidence and clarity in communication, vital elements in any thriving relationship.

The light blue hue common in jewelry often results from a diffusion treatment, adding a touch of brilliance to this remarkable gemstone, which is often set in rare white metal. In contrast, the yellow orange gem offers a warm and vibrant alternative for those seeking a unique piece.

Blue Topaz Jewelry Inspiration

From its origins in Brazilian mines to being a treasure in your jewelry box, the scarcity and charm of blue topaz make it a precious component of your anniversary festivities. Whether you choose the deep blues of ‘London blue’ or ‘Swiss blue’, you are investing in an exquisite symbol of your journey together.

Fifth Anniversary: Sapphire's Blessings

Exquisite sapphire ring and pendant

In marking your fifth anniversary, allow the symbolism of sapphire to mirror the wisdom, honesty, and integrity nurtured in your marital relationship.

Sapphire Color Choices

Sapphires are not just about the blues. Their stunning array of colors, from the classic blue to pink, purple, green, and even color change varieties, offer a rainbow of options for your fifth anniversary jewelry.

Sixth Anniversary: Amethyst's Trust

Commemorating six years of growing trust and comprehension, amethyst, the stone linked with the sixth anniversary, mirrors the spiritual and personal relevance of your connection.

Amethyst Jewelry Options

From the deep purple of the prized Deep Russian amethyst to subtle bracelets and masculine cufflinks, amethyst offers a host of options to mark your sixth anniversary. And with the trend of tailoring gifts like pendants with initials or special dates, you can create a unique and personal gift that speaks volumes about your journey together.

Seventh Anniversary: Onyx's Protection

Upon reaching year seven, onyx emerges as the protector of your relationship. This elegant stone, traditionally chosen for the seventh anniversary, symbolizes how lucky one is to have their partner and the specialty of the relationship. By fostering a sense of security and comfort within your union, onyx underscores its protective reputation.

Onyx Jewelry Designs

Choosing an onyx piece for your seventh anniversary is a testimony to your bond’s strength and beauty. Whether it’s a bold onyx ring for him or a black onyx set in white metal for her, each piece is a testament to the enduring love you share.

Eighth Anniversary: Tourmaline's Happiness

In celebrating your eighth anniversary, allow tourmaline, the stone of joy and inspiration, to reflect your thriving love and harmony. This gemstone, associated with the heart chakra, enhances love, compassion, and tolerance, fostering calm and patience while offering insight into interpersonal conflicts.

Tourmaline Color Varieties

Tourmaline’s wide color range allows for a high degree of personalization in anniversary presents, ensuring a unique and meaningful present. From parti-colored tourmaline showcasing multiple colors, to the calming yellow tourmaline and earthy brown tourmaline, each shade tells a different story.

Ninth Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli's Strength

In commemorating your ninth year of matrimony, lapis lazuli, the gemstone of strength and wisdom, mirrors the insights you’ve accumulated as a couple.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry Ideas

Choosing a lapis lazuli piece for your ninth anniversary is a testament to your love’s strength and wisdom. From high-quality stones set in precious metals to various types of jewelry including:

  • rings
  • necklaces
  • earrings
  • bracelets

Each piece is a testament to love’s endurance.

Tenth Anniversary: Diamond's Longevity

Sparkling diamond earrings and ring

Commemorating a decade of love, allow the diamond, a symbol of endurance and invincibility, to reflect your strong union. This gemstone, the strongest and most durable substance on earth, epitomizes the enduring nature of your marriage.

Diamond Jewelry Suggestions

Selecting a diamond item for your tenth anniversary stands as a beacon of your love’s resilience and durability. From classic solitaire pendants and earrings to contemporary lab-grown diamonds, the options are as diverse as the love stories they celebrate. Whether it’s a diamond-accented watch, a diamond eternity ring, or a diamond band for him, each piece represents a decade of togetherness.

Beyond the Tenth Anniversary: Gemstones for Major Milestones

Various gemstones including sapphire, emerald, and ruby

As your journey continues past the decade mark, honor each milestone anniversary with a distinctive gemstone. Be it opal for the 14th, emerald for the 20th, or ruby for the 80th, each gemstone symbolizes a profound journey and evolution of married life.

Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas

Choosing a unique piece for your anniversary is a testament to your love’s strength and beauty. From a double infinity knot ring with tsavorites and diamonds to a Rose de France Amethyst piece or a Rainbow Tourmaline item, each of these anniversary stones is a testament to love’s endurance and serves as a meaningful anniversary gift. When searching for wedding anniversary gifts, consider these beautiful and symbolic anniversary stones.

How to Choose the Right Anniversary Stone

The process of selecting the appropriate anniversary gemstone encompasses considerations of the recipient’s personal taste, preferences, and your financial plan. Ensuring that your purchase is from a reputable jeweler guarantees the authenticity and ethical sourcing of your gift. And don’t forget - personalizing the jewelry with engravings can transform it into a keepsake that intimately captures your unique love story.

Caring for Your commemorative Gemstones

Maintaining the splendor of your commemorative gemstones necessitates appropriate care. Store them away from direct sunlight and harsh chemicals to prevent damage.

Regular cleaning with soap and water using a soft cloth or a soft-bristled brush maintains their shine and prevents scratches.


Each wedding anniversary is a testament to the enduring bond between you and your partner. The tradition of celebrating these milestones with unique gemstones provides a beautiful way to symbolize the journey you’ve embarked on together. Whether it’s the golden beginning marked with gold or a decade of love symbolized by diamonds, each gemstone tells a unique story of love, commitment, and shared experiences. So, as you celebrate your anniversaries, let these precious stones add an extra layer of meaning, making your celebrations all the more special.

Frequently Asked Questions

What stone is 10 years of marriage?

For the 10th anniversary of marriage, the traditional stone is a diamond. Celebrate this milestone with a beautiful diamond solitaire pendant.

What year is jewelry for anniversary?

For the ninth year anniversary, consider gifting Morganite jewelry.

Why are certain gemstones associated with specific wedding anniversaries?

Certain gemstones are associated with specific wedding anniversaries because these traditions have ancient roots in different cultures, where gemstones were linked with specific meanings representing the journey and evolution of married life.

How do I care for my anniversary gemstones?

To care for your commemorative gemstones, store them away from direct sunlight and harsh chemicals, and clean them regularly with soap and water using a soft cloth or brush.

Can I personalize my anniversary gemstone gift?

Yes, you can personalize your anniversary gemstone gift by adding engravings like a special date or message to make it a unique keepsake.

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