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July 10, 2021
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Tanzanite As A Store of Value

Jewelry, precious stones, and gems have represented monetary value throughout centuries. Symbols of class, wealth and style, gemstones are more than beautiful trinkets complementing your favorite outfits. Precious gems have even been associated with the survival of escaping imperialists during the fall of Imperial Russia who were able to start new lives in other countries by selling their gemstones.

Similarly, going back as far as the last stand of the French monarchy, ill-fated Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France, was known to own an impressive collection of jewels as assets to parry a volatile monetary system. Although her beheading in 1793 did not allow her to reap the fruits of this smart investment, a portion of the queen’s jewels was recently sold for $53.2 million at an auction in Geneva.

In an era that saw monetary value fluctuate on a daily basis, it is primordial to make concrete investments that are relatively safe and stable. In comparison to traditional currency, bitcoins or stock actions are often a gamble as they are subject to a plethora of complex external factors.

Real estate, gold, jewelry and even classic paintings have been relatively unaffected by general economic depreciation. Quite the contrary, this type of physical possessions act as assets which either maintain or gain worth over the years and guarantee a financial backup during hard times. A 'store of value' is known as an acquisition which can be saved and profitably exchanged at a later time as it carries its purchasing power into the future.

Gold, for example, has been associated with wealth since the beginning of time. It has been deemed among some of the best stores of value due to its steady worth. Over the last 5000 years, gold has maintained its purchasing power through periods of war, economic insecurity, political upset and more.

Tanzanite as an Investment

Tanzanite stones or jewelry, for example, hold increasing monetary value due to their rarity. A thousand times rarer than diamonds, geologists have estimated Tanzanites to have been completely extracted from their mines in the next few decades. The window for the acquisition of firsthand Tanzanites is thus greatly limited, giving it its popular name of ‘the gem of a generation’.



Learn about the important grading process on how our Tanzanites are graded based on their 4c's.

Since the value of jewelry and precious stones, like Tanzanite, steadily appreciates with their scarcity, investing in Tanzanites now is seen as a strategic move for the future. The forecast decrease in the availability of Tanzanite jewelry makes it one of the best and safest ways to store and get a return on your money over time.

Whether you are planning ahead for your retirement, special projects, emergencies or even as a piece of heritage for your children, Tanzanite is a piece of property which will keep on gaining more and more worth over the years. 

With its intense blue pigment and unique personality, Tanzanite has already been sought after by many over the past few years as an elegant, timeless and bold piece of jewelry. Complementing your outfits with a Tanzanite ring, necklace or delicate pair of earrings is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

However, over and beyond the undeniable physical appeal of this unique trichroic gem, many collectors have added Tanzanites or Fancy Tanzanites to their sets for their collectible value. Due to its durability and increasing demand, the gem is a relatively low risk investment as its worth does not deteriorate in times of economic crisis.

Similar to how a rare painting needs a clean and appropriately aired environment to maintain its optimal condition, with proper care Tanzanite may just be the investment breakthrough you are looking for. If you are looking for a safe and durable store of value, then browse through our online catalog and choose from a plethora of certified top-grade Tanzanite jewelry and loose stones.



Learn about the important grading process on how our Tanzanites are graded based on their 4c's.
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