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Empowering Maasai women economically by giving them skills on how to make jewels and benefits their entire family.
We felt that our vision to provide the most elegant Tanzanite pieces worldwide would not be complete without pieces created by the powerful and talented Maasai women living in rural Arusha. These beautiful women continue to encourage us every day when they take what they learn from past workshops and other inspirations to create remarkable pieces of their own, and we continue to celebrate them by showcasing their designs. The proceeds generated from selling these pieces go straight back to Maasai Ladies, empowering them to be self-sufficient and not dependent on other non-sustainable revenue streams. This is just the beginning; we believe that you can also contribute to the empowering of more Maasai women in our communities in Rural Tanzania. By showcasing their beautiful pieces, we build exposure to their jewelry; we hope that this inspires you to buy some of these, not because they are unique and beautiful alone, but because it changes the lives of many with every purchase.

The Maasai celebrate their deep, vibrant culture through bold shades of blues and reds, traditional dances and songs as well as their creative, decorative jewelry.