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Vision: “To be the gemstone company to work for and with – a company that goes beyond the norm to provide innovative products, set trends and provide top-class services in a personalized manner which helps our clients and nation to grow”

The Tanzanite Experience Company Limited was incorporated in early 2015 and is a young, dynamic, innovative and professional company. With the enduring support of its team; as well as the extensive support of all major suppliers of tanzanite; local and international stakeholders, the company is on the road to major repositioning of the local gemstone industry. Managed by personnel experienced in, and sensitive to, the gemstone industry, client needs whether that is from the corporate or private sector.

The Tanzanite Experience is a fast-growing retail concept store with three outlets in Arusha and two outlets in the Manyara Region. The flagship store in the centre of Arusha at Blue Plaza also has the “only tanzanite MUSEUM in the world.”

The world’s only Tanzanite Museum is located in its flagship store in the heart of Arusha. Visitors not only get to see and feel tanzanite stones and jewellery here, they get to understand the history of how tanzanite was discovered, experience the whole mining process through a replicated mine shaft and further appreciate the grading process and how tanzanite is appraised through the 4 C’s grading system: ‘Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight’.

The Tanzanite Experience offers a wide selection of stones and jewellery with all gemstones cut and shaped by professional Tanzanians who have vast expertise in this highly skilled area. In addition the stores house a special collection of necklaces and earrings from the Maasai Woman’s Project, a local initiative empowering Maasai tribeswoman from the mining area of Merelani with their own business venture. This is one of many projects and charities that The Tanzanite Experience promote and support.

The Tanzanite Experience is unique in that it is the only company in Tanzania with direct access to a certification lab, which ensures that every gemstone sold is fully certified under laboratory conditions by geological experts and has its own unique certificate number and a certificate detailing the specifics of the stone. The certificates are internationally recognized.

The Team

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