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Tanzanite Facts | How Nature's Nurturing Bequeathed the World With Tanzanite

January 30, 2018 · min read

At the scenic foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro lie the Merelani Hills, the only place in the entire world where Tanzanite is found. The area of the Tanzanite mine spans only 14 square kilometers.

How Tanzanite Was Formed

The groundwork for the grand entrance of Tanzanite into this world began 585 million years ago with continental shifts that created Mount Kilimanjaro and the Great Rift Valley. Chemical processes, heating, and compression caused the formation of elongated pods known as ‘boudins’, which are the sediments that bear the unique Tanzanite today.

A picture with beautiful tanzanite stones

Some Tanzanite Facts You Should Know

It's a rare Gemstone

The circumstances that led to its formation were so exceptional that it’s hardly likely to find Tanzanite anywhere else in the world. This makes it a thousand times rarer than diamond.

It's known as the Gemstone of the Generation

Tanzanite is also very limited in supply and it is estimated that the world will run out of its Tanzanite stockpile within the next two decades or so. Tanzanite is thus known as the “gemstone of the generation” after the current generation, Tanzanite stones will no longer be bought from the primary market.

Tanzanite is a rare gemstone and it's beautiful. Take advantage of the current circumstances and get you or your loved one this precious stone. A reputable Tanzanite dealer can get you jewelry and gemstones of high quality. In addition, a certificate of authenticity will also be provided with the purchase. You can read more about this in this Tanzanite buying guide. It's very important that you exercise caution when looking to purchase this rare gemstone.

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