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September 27, 2023
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Shop The Tanzanite Earring Collection Online At Reasonable Prices

Tanzanite is a rare gemstone that has beautifully carved its place in the gemstone world. These intricate, alluring, and one-of-a-kind gemstones showcase some exquisite features that no other gemstone can ever match. With a very close resemblance to blue sapphire but a huge price difference, this is an affordable gemstone to buy, and what better tanzanite jewelry option than beautiful blue tanzanite earrings?

Today, all we are going to talk about is blue Tanzanite earrings! Available in some of the most out-of-the-world designs, the best tanzanite earrings are a charm that every woman falls in love instantly. They make an ideal gift option for your mother, wife, daughter, girlfriend, friend, or any other woman in your life who holds a rare value.

Gladly, tanzanite earrings are available for shopping online where you can buy tanzanite earrings with utmost comfort and peace of mind. So, let's deep dive into the world of blue tanzanite earrings and learn everything about buying the best tanzanite earrings online.

Comparison view showcasing tanzanite earrings price range.

Different Types Of Blue Tanzanite Earrings

To begin with, the variety in which you can buy tanzanite earrings is the first thing you must learn about. You will be amazed to know that, unlike the majority of gemstones, tanzanite is more suitable for making earrings and hence there is no limit to design options in blue tanzanite earrings. Moreover, they also differ in terms of metal and color and carat variance of tanzanite gemstone. Let us discuss all these aspects in detail!


In terms of designs, the best tanzanite earrings are available in two categories- dandling blue tanzanite earrings & blue tanzanite earrings studs

  • Dangling Blue Tanzanite Earrings

Best match for your next formal outing, an evening gala, or a dinner date, the beautiful dangling blue tanzanite earrings are one precious jewelry piece to own. These earrings are available in different designs depending on the shape of the tanzanite stone. The best tanzanite earrings option in the dangler category included diamond-shaped dangling blue tanzanite earrings, cushion-shaped dangling blue tanzanite earrings, kite-shaped dangling blue tanzanite earrings, oval-shaped dangling blue tanzanite earrings, pear-shaped dangling blue tanzanite earrings, round shaped dangling blue tanzanite earrings and trilliant shaped dangling blue tanzanite earrings.

You can also buy blue tanzanite earrings in other shapes but the ones mentioned above are the most popular.

  • Blue Tanzanite Earrings Stud

If you are in love with minimalistic jewelry, blue tanzanite earrings studs are best for you. Featuring a sophisticated and alluring design, these blue tanzanite earring studs match well with all types of outfits as you get dressed for a casual meeting, a formal dinner, or a day for shopping. They are designed to offer a beautiful touch to your avatar as you wear your favorite gemstone without getting out of your comfort zone.

Again, the best tanzanite earring studs are available in different tanzanite shapes including heart, marquise, oval, pear, round, and trilliant. You can make your choice and pick your favorite one but no matter which one you choose, all blue tanzanite earrings studs are equally attractive.

Best-selling blue tanzanite earrings with intricate design


The choice of metal plays an important role in selecting the best tanzanite earrings as well as the tanzanite earrings' price. Tanzanite gemstone pairs perfectly with different metals including silver and yellow gold and these metals make the best choice for the best tanzanite earrings. You can find alluring and exquisite blue tanzanite earrings in silver and yellow gold settings and wear the precious gemstone in its full glory.

Other Gemstones

Yes, to bring the best out of blue tanzanite, it must be paired with other gemstones. There are endless design options where blue tanzanite earrings feature a combination of tanzanite gemstones with diamond, and zircon. They also pair well with certain closed imitation gemstones as the blue color brings a whole new glamor to different colored gemstones.

Tanzanite Carat

Tanzanite carat weight is an important consideration when buying pure tanzanite and even when you buy tanzanite earrings online. While tanzanite gemstone can be found in carat weights from 0.01 to 100+, the best blue tanzanite earrings are made with tanzanite that weighs anywhere between 0.01 to 4.99 carat.

Tanzanite Color

Tanzanite is found in many shades of blue and based on the color used in the making, the blue tanzanite earrings price varies. Some of the popular tanzanite gemstone color options used in making the best tanzanite earrings include moderate, intense, vivid, light, and pale.

Close-up view of blue tanzanite earrings with price details

How To Buy The Best Blue Tanzanite Earrings At The Best Price?

To ensure you can make the best purchase decision, we have also crafted this definitive blue tanzanite earrings buying guide with important considerations. As you buy tanzanite earrings online, you must check:

A Few Things About Tanzanite Gemstone

When buying blue tanzanite earrings or any other tanzanite jewelry for that matter, you must first look for the quality and purity of the tanzanite gemstone. The best of tanzanite will make the best of blue tanzanite earrings and hence you must check:

  • Saturation

The intensity of the blue color in tanzanite comes from its saturation. If the tanzanite has a light color, it is a low-saturated tanzanite and a darker color shows high saturation. Higher saturation is usually found in large tanzanite stones and gradually decreases with the size. Also, more saturated tanzanite means high tanzanite earrings price.

  • Cut:

The cut of the tanzanite plays a crucial role in the design element. Moreover, tanzanite earrings prices also vary based on the tanzanite gemstone cut. It is the cut of the gemstone that enhances its brilliance and makes the color pop. There are several tanzanite cuts including kite, diamond, marquise, pear, oval, round, and more but the craftsmanship plays a crucial role in the efficacy of every cut.

  • Clarity:

Again, clarity is an important aspect of tanzanite earring shopping and hence must be considered a crucial point. When you buy tanzanite earrings pay attention to inclusions. If it has a lot of inclusions, it will have a lower price whereas the tanzanite earring price for gemstone with no visible inclusions would be higher.

Authenticity Of The Seller

The authenticity of the seller makes or breaks your blue tanzanite earrings buying experience, buying from a certified and credible tanzanite earrings seller is recommended to enjoy peace of mind with a credible purchase. You will be amazed to know how many rogue tanzanite jewelry shops are selling cheap or even fake tanzanite gemstone earrings in the market and it is hard to tell the difference between the real and fake versions. However, if you are buying from a trusted Tanzanite jewelry store, you will enjoy the quality as well as post-sales support from the team.

Tanzanite Earrings Price

We have talked a lot about different aspects that affect tanzanite earrings prices in a few sections above. Now, setting a budget for any kind of shopping including tanzanite earrings is important. You will find the best tanzanite earrings in different price brackets in the market. The price varies as per the cut, color, clarity, choice of metal, as well as the inclusion of other gemstones in the design. Instead of getting confused and denting your wallet, it is best to have a set budget in mind and buy accordingly.

For a rough idea, blue tanzanite is roughly costing around $100- $800 but may vary as per carat weight and clarity. Add the cost of metal, other gemstones as well as craftsmanship and you will get the ideal price for the best tanzanite earrings.

Elegant blue tanzanite earrings perfect for any occasion

A Few Tips On Caring For Your Blue Tanzanite Earrings

Now that you know what is involved in buying the best tanzanite earrings at the best price, you must also learn how to take care of your precious purchase. This subtle and exquisite tanzanite jewelry is one of the finest ornaments you can own but it demands a certain level of care.

No matter how carefully you wear your tanzanite jewelry, with time it collects a lot of dust, dirt, and oil which makes it lose its luster. To ensure your beautiful blue tanzanite earrings have their glory preserved, you need to clean them at regular intervals.

You can use a soapy solution to clean the blue tanzanite earrings. However, make sure the water you take is lukewarm and the soap does not have harsh chemicals. Vinegar cleaning is another method to clean tanzanite earrings. Take some white vinegar and mix it with a small amount of water and then dip your tanzanite earrings in it for about 10 minutes. The dirt and other impurities will dissolve in the solution.

  • Storing Tanzanite Earrings

Always keep the blue Tanzanite earrings in their original box. Also, do not mix two tanzanite jewelry pieces as the tanzanite and other gemstones and metals can react with each other.

Keep the tanzanite away from heat as exposure to high temperatures can alter the gemstones.

Buy The Best Blue Tanzanite Earrings At The Tanzanite Experience

At the tanzanite experience, we bring you the purest and rarest of tanzanite at the best prices. Our range of blue tanzanite earrings is the best in class. Along with a guarantee of exclusivity, we also offer you the best tanzanite earrings price which makes your purchase a lifetime investment. You can browse through our range of the best blue tanzanite earrings and pick the designs that match your style, taste, and class. We are dedicated to making your online shopping experience wonderful every time you buy tanzanite earrings from us!



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