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Why Tanzanite Is Used In Fashion Jewelry Often?

Tanzanite or blue zoisite is one of the most exquisite gemstones found in the world. Showcasing blue, purple, or a bit of both color, this gemstone is revered across the world by gemstone collectors and enthusiasts. What makes it more special is its use in creating amazing fashion jewelry pieces. Tanzanite jewelry set is one of the most sought-after fashion jewelry pieces in modern times.

The purity of blue zoisite is another key feature that makes it a favorite stone of jewelers. The tanzanite fine jewelry presents no visible inclusions even when placed under the microscope. Its unparalleled beauty, rarity, and versatile characteristics have established it among the top gemstone collections for creating modern fashion jewelry. Tanzanite fine jewelry ranges from statement necklaces to dazzling rings, as it has the distinct feature to add elegance and sophistication to every jewelry piece.

Known as a jewel rarer than diamonds, tanzanite is found only in northern Tanzania. Its limited geographic occurrence makes it a rare gem and ideal for creating impressionable tanzanite jewelry designs. The largest and only tanzanite mines are located in the Merelani hills, near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro and the city of Arusha.

In this post, we shall talk about the exclusivity of the tanzanite jewelry set and the reasons why tanzanite is frequently used in fashion jewelry, highlighting its unique qualities and enduring appeal.

Captivating color

Tanzanite is known for its incredible and captivating blue-violet hue. Its trichroism dictates the color it will feature by the position of the table which is the flat region of the gem. You can get tanzanite in blue, violet, or a mix of both colors. This is one of the key reasons why a tanzanite jewelry set is so beautiful and sought after by enthusiasts.

The captivating color combination is not showcased by any other gemstone. It is also known as pleochroism and it means that the gemstone appears of a different color when seen from different angles.

This diverse color display makes blue zoisite an ideal stone for all types of skin tones and hence a preferred gemstone for all types of jewelry.

Tanzanite Jewelry ring and Tanzanite Gemstone by The Tanzanite Experience

Rarity and exclusivity

What is rare makes the ideal selection for fashion statements. As tanzanite is a scarce and exclusive gemstone that makes a perfect selection for any kind of fashion jewelry. There is only one source of authentic tanzanite and that is the rich lands of Tanzania. This is why Tanzanite fashion jewelry is so exclusive. The demand for this exquisite stone is high and with trendy tanzanite jewelry designs, it becomes a lot more valued by fashion jewelry lovers. The gemstone is considered coveted which further makes a craze around tanzanite jewelry. For those on a constant search for exclusive jewelry pieces, the uniqueness and rarity of tanzanite always remain a key factor drawing attention to tanzanite fine jewelry.

Versatility in design

Tanzanite is one versatile gemstone and it allows a great deal of flexibility in designing and creating innovative tanzanite jewelry designs. The jewelry using tanzanite can be prepared for both formal and casual occasions. As blue zoisite can be cut in different angles, shapes, and sizes and also features a great combination of colors, this versatile gemstone is ideal for creating tanzanite fine jewelry of a wide range.

Most common tanzanite jewelry pieces include tanzanite rings, tanzanite jewelry sets, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and much more. Jewellery buyers find a lot of ways to wear this beautiful stone as all tanzanite jewelry designs are made attractive with the best use of tanzanite.

Moreover, tanzanite makes a perfect combination with a wide range of metals including white gold, yellow gold, or platinum which further boosts its versatility and makes it a preferred choice of jewelry enthusiasts.

The emotional and spiritual significance

There is more to tanzanite than appears to the eyes. As much as the aesthetic appeal of this amazing gemstone attracts every eye, its symbolic meaning and emotional significance are also of great essence. As per many, this gemstone possesses metaphysical properties that promote spiritual growth, calmness, and emotional healing. As per the folklore, blue zoisite is associated with tranquillity and higher consciousness and makes it a preferred gemstone for those interested in a deeper connection with man and the world beyond.

A wide range of tanzanite jewelry sets are not only worn as fashion jewelry but as a part of symbolic values. This is another key reason why bijoux en tanzanite is in great demand in the world. By wearing tanzanite jewelry pieces, individuals can easily infuse their personal beliefs and values into their adornments.

Celebrity endorsement

Like other fashion jewelry pieces, a significant part of the popularity of tanzanite jewelry comes from celebrity endorsement. Celebrities and influencers boast a lot about tanzanite jewelry and put it amid mainstream fashion jewelry. Several celebrities have worn tanzanite jewelry pieces on several occasions including appearances on the red carpet which has boosted the popularity of tanzanite. Tanzanite's inclusion in prominent fashion magazines and media platforms further solidifies its position as a gemstone of choice for the fashion-forward.

How To Buy The Best Tanzanite Fashion Jewelry?

As much as it excites you, buying a tanzanite jewelry set is a decision best made with effective consideration. There is a wide range of blue zoisite jewelry designs available in the market which can confuse you or trick you into buying the wrong product or a fake tanzanite stone studded jewelry set. To ensure you make the best purchase, there are a few important considerations while buying tanzanite jewelry.

Choice of the jeweler

The expertise and integrity of the jeweler is the first thing to consider when buying tanzanite jewelry. If you are buying from the right jeweler you will genuine, high-quality tanzanite jewelry along with the best offers and reliable information and assistance throughout the buying process.

While checking the jeweler, check their presence in the industry, positive customer reviews, and certifications from reputable gemological organizations.

Tanzanite Jewelry necklace displayed at the The Tanzanite Experience Shop

Color evaluation

Tanzanite jewelry is known for its amazing hues as tanzanite is a color-changing gemstone. Thus, color evaluation remains a crucial factor when buying tanzanite jewelry. The blue zoisite is available in a wide range of color options including light lavender-blue, deep, vibrant royal blue, or a combination of both. Make sure you choose stones with vivid, intense hues as they are the most authentic ones.

It is recommended to stay away from blue zoisite jewelry sets that showcase too pale or greyish tanzanite as it indicates compromised quality. Also, check the distribution of the color on the stone as an evenly distributed stone is more recommended than one with zoning or discoloration.

The clarity of the stone is important

Le site clarity of tanzanite, just like diamonds, plays a crucial role in deciding its beauty and value. Tanzanite comes in a wide range of clarity which means having an understanding of the clarity is important to make the right purchase. It is recommended to buy tanzanite jewelry pieces that have tanzanite with good transparency. Such tanzanite allows light to pass through, creating a great shine.

Here, it is noteworthy that tanzanite comes with its natural inclusions and they make it even more beautiful. Do not compromise on the gem's unique character and accept them as it is until it is affecting the durability of the stone.

Cut and shape

Tanzanite are available in a wide range of shapes including round, oval, pear, emerald, and cushion. Your taste remains the key consideration when searching for the right tanzanite. The cut quality is also an important consideration as it affects the overall look and beauty of the tanzanite jewelry set. Tanzanite fine jewelry has an amazing reflection and sparkle.

Tanzanite Gemstone For making Tanzanite Jewelry


The best way to identify the integrity of the gemstone is to check its certification. A gemological certificate or grading report can help you identify the jewelry piece. These reports contain all the information about the tanzanite's quality, including color, clarity, carat weight, and any treatments or enhancements.

Metal And Design

The choice of metal is also important to ensure the tanzanite you are buying showcases the best effects. The overall appeal of the tanzanite in a tanzanite jewelry set is decided by the metal it is fitted into. While your style and preference play a key role in the selection process, there are a few metals like white gold and platinum that best complement the grace of tanzanite.

Tanzanite Jewelry on hand

Wrapping it up!

The frequent use of tanzanite in fashion jewelry is because of its mesmerizing color, rarity, versatility, emotional significance, as well as great marketing. The limited availability of tanzanite and its unique presence make it a revered stone. It can be used in making a wide range of captivating and individualistic jewelry pieces. Tanzanite also has a great ability to adapt to the evolving fashion jewelry landscape. Hence, people can make more stylish statements by choosing the best tanzanite jewelry designs.

Find The Best At The Tanzanite Experience

The tanzanite experience is known to offer the most premium tanzanite jewelry collection for all tastes and preferences. Known for authenticity and quality expertise and knowledge wide selection of craftsmanship and design, the tanzanite experience offers the best chance to own premium tanzanite jewelry pieces. 

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