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Know The Importance Of Natural Tanzanite

Natural tanzanite stone is of great importance. The variety of mineral zoisite and tanzanite showcases beautiful colors ranging from violet to purple and ink blue. The stone was initially known as blue zoisite but was later named tanzanite by Tiffany & Co. Jewelers. Natural tanzanite stone price varies as per its cut, carat, color, and clarity and there are 100% of natural tanzanite options available in the market. Its exclusive color and amazing properties make it one of the most sought-after gemstones in the market and natural tanzanite jewelry is so popular.

Besides being a rare beauty, natural tanzanite also has a wide range of healing properties and benefits which makes it even more exclusive. The stone has a deeper meaning which only true natural tanzanite stone enthusiasts understand. If you are interested in exploring the wonders of tanzanite and know the importance of natural tanzanite, this blog holds a lot of information about this rare gemstone.

Close-up view of high-quality natural Tanzanite stone

What Is Natural Tanzanite?

First found in 1967, tanzanite is a variant of zoisite mineral and is naturally found in blue color. It is exclusively found in 8 square miles in the Merani Hill near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro and the city of Arusha in northern Tanzania, this gemstone is rare. Its mineralogical name is blue zoisite and it is known for its rare blue hues. While it closely resembles blue sapphire, the two are very different in terms of composition, properties, and benefits. Natural tanzanite is a very popular gemstone often used in making fashion jewelry and healing pendants. Natural tanzanite jewelry is often bought and sold as birthday stone jewelry as well as healing jewelry all across the world.

The History Of Natural Tanzanite Stone

In the history book, the first use of tanzanite dates back to the Maasai people of Tanzania. Even back then, the stone was very valuable and known for its spiritual properties. Those people believed that natural tanzanite brought them good luck and fortune.

It was discovered by the modern man in 1960 and being a relatively new gemstone had a regulated fan base. However, it soon became famous with natural tanzanite jewelry becoming more and more desired by people. It is a December birthstone best known for its trichorism appearance. This means that it transmits the light from different angles which creates an amazing experience for the viewers. It belongs to epidote which has great evidence of use in ancient culture. It was a great part of art pieces and natural tanzanite jewelry was frequently worn by men and women. It was in high demand in ancient Greece and Rome. It is considered lucky for people born in December as well as for Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

Assorted sizes of natural Tanzanite stones on a white background

Natural Tanzanite Stone Benefits

Tanzanite stone is a vault of mystery and surprises. It has a myriad of benefits to offer which makes this gemstone a revered one in the market. Known for its healing properties, this gemstone exhibits high vibration and energy. To bring calm and poise to life, this gemstone is worn by people of all ages and ethnicities. It is also known to be a cleansing stone that clears the old patterns in the inner self and rejuvenates existence. It also enables the wearer to master its physic abilities innate abilities that we all possess. This means that wearing natural tanzanite can bring the best in you and help you recreate a new self. There are many ways in which natural tanzanite jewelry can help you evolve, heal, and grow.

The Physical Healing Properties Of Natural Tanzanite

Natural tanzanite stone is known for its natural healing properties. And is an incredible immune booster. It brings amazing effects to every part of the body including skin, hair, and the building cells of the body. This means that by wearing a natural tanzanite stone, one can elevate overall health and well-being. It is also a revered stone holding great healing elements and for those recovering from a disease or ailment, wearing natural tanzanite jewelry is a blessing. When bought in a light violet hue, natural tanzanite builds body strength, boosts immunity, and flushes the toxins out of the body resulting in full body detox. If one has a history of substance abuse, natural tanzanite jewelry can help them overcome the weakness and leave the dependencies. To conclude, natural tanzanite alleviates stress, and depression, brings joy, and also helps in treating a wide range of physical ailments.

Some other physical properties and benefits of tanzanite include aid in post-surgery recovery. It also detoxifies the blood and helps in excessive sweating problems. For people dealing with skin allergies and hair loss problems, wearing natural tanzanite is a natural remedy.

Price tag beside a natural Tanzanite stone indicating current market value

Metaphysical Properties Of Natural Tanzanite

The metaphysical properties of natural tanzanite make it one of the rarest and most sought-after gemstones. It is closely connected with the throat chakra and the third-eye chakra of the human body. The pristine indigo and blue-colored gemstone with its connectivity to both the chakras enhances the ability to communicate, express, and self-actualize. It creates a line of energy that helps one connect with others and understand everything in black and white. It brings inner wisdom as the third eye chakra is directly connected to our heart and soul. It helps open the third eye chakra and have the ability to understand and believe in oneself.

The Emotional Healing Properties Of Natural Tanzanite

Emotional healing is the area where natural tanzanite makes all the difference. The striking and gentle blue-colored stone is all about letting emotions evolve and worries melt down. It makes one emotionally strong, boosting the belief in oneself and understanding the true power of our mind and soul. Natural tanzanite has a great effect on the wearer’s ability to understand and contemplate things. It develops a sense of pride and ownership and instills self-confidence. If you are losing hope in life and want instant rejuvenation, buying natural tanzanite jewelry for regular wear is a great way to overcome your emotional weaknesses. A natural tanzanite pendant placed close to the heart brings a lot of power in you to handle the toughest times in life.

If you face difficulty in meeting and opening up to new people, tanzanite is the stone that helps you make a network. It is a stone that enhances the social connecting bond and instills the sense of confidence to present yourself to others. It also offers better control of emotions making a person stronger and unaffected by the effects of criticism or judgment.

Natural Tanzanite stone elegantly set in a white gold ring

The Spiritual Healing Properties Of Natural Tanzanite

Natural tanzanite is a recommended stone for spiritual healing. It brings immense concentration power to you and boosts your ability to meditate. The level of meditation you achieve by wearing natural tanzanite gemstone is unmatched and hence most people buy it frequently for the purpose. Simultaneously, tanzanite also affects the observation ability of the wearer. You get a clear vision of the things happening around you and can easily identify bad energy from good one. A good fraction of natural tanzanite enthusiasts also vouches for its ability to improve intuition levels. This means they had a better understanding of what is about to happen- good or bad doesn’t matter.

Natural Tanzanite Benefits For Relationships

Straining relationships is a big concern but natural tanzanite has its ability to bring solace. Its benefits for improving relationships are renowned as it is a stone of relationships. Wearing natural tanzanite is believed to bring a sense of calmness, understanding, and empathy in relationships. It also cultivates harmonious relationships between two persons and nurtures the bond of love and hearts. It enables the wearer to establish great emotional connections which is the essence of every relationship. Also, there is evidence that natural tanzanite curbs the problem of jealousy and pettiness in relationships and creates harmony and stronger bonds.

Natural Tanzanite Ring made of the Tanzanite stones sourced from Tanzania

Natural Tanzanite Jewelry To Enjoy The Best Of Its Properties

With all these properties, natural tanzanite gemstone does become an important member of the gemstone family. With realization, more and more people want to take advantage of the goodness of this bluish stone, and wearing natural tanzanite jewelry is indeed the best way. There are a wide range of natural tanzanite jewelry options available to shop, including:

Tanzanite pendants: You can buy a designer natural tanzanite gemstone pendant in different metals including white gold, yellow gold, and silver. The design can be customized as per your choice. This is an incredible way to keep natural tanzanite close to the heart.

Tanzanite bracelet: Uru tanzanite bracelets and other tanzanite bracelets and bangles also make a designer tanzanite jewelry piece to buy. There are many designs with different cuts and carat natural tanzanite fitted on the choice of metals.

Tanzanite jewelry sets: For more enhanced effects and aesthetic appeal, you can invest in tanzanite jewelry sets which include a tanzanite pendant, earring, and ring.

Bague de fiançailles en tanzanite: A perfect gift for your partner and an incredible way to elevate understanding in relationships, tanzanite engagement rings and natural tanzanite gemstone rings are ideal choices of tanzanite jewelry.

Natural tanzanite is a gemstone worth owning. With all the importance it holds, it makes a perfect gemstone. Buy your natural tanzanite jewelry now!



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