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septembre 19, 2023
6 minutes.

How To Know The Difference between Tanzanite And Blue Sapphire

Considering buying a blue gemstone? Well, you might get confused with two identical-looking gemstones- Tanzanite and Blue Sapphire. They may look the same but there are a lot of differences that separate one from another. How you may ask so here is a detailed blog explaining the difference between Pierres précieuses de la Tanzanite and Blue Sapphire including sapphire and Tanzanite properties, tanzanite benefits, and other factors.

So, let us understand the difference between the two most popular striking blue gemstones.

Tanzanite vs Blue Sapphire

When shopping for gemstones, what attracts us the most is their color, and then comes to their properties and benefits. Even though gemstones are available in a diverse range of color spectrums, blue is often the most attractive and sought-after gemstone color. In the blue family, we have got amazing Tanzanite gemstones and sophisticated Blue Sapphire. From Tanzanite benefits to sapphire’s properties, the two identical twins attract gemstone enthusiasts and fashion jewelry lovers alike.

While Blue Sapphire has always been a preferred choice of blue gemstone, the not much older Tanzanite gemstones are giving it tough competition.


First discovered in 1960, which is quite recent, Tanzanite is one of the rarest gemstones known to mankind. Often mistaken as a Blue Sapphire, Tanzanite is exclusively found in a 4km strip of land near Mount Kilimanjaro, northern Tanzania. It has decent physical properties with Tanzanite benefits and its rarity sets it apart from the conventional range of gemstones.

Moreover, Tanzanite displays a striking palette of blue-violet hue which further distinguishes it from its sister gemstone Blue Sapphire. It is a December gemstone known for its boundless healing abilities. It is also believed to bring great energy, calmness, and happiness into the wearer’s life.

The tanzanite which has Tanzanite benefits , there is a difference Tanzanite And Blue Sapphire

Saphir bleu

Sapphire is a revered gemstone available in a wide range of colors including blue, green, black, white, pink, purple, and yellow.  The Blue Sapphire and Tanzanite gemstones look identical in terms of color. This gemstone is bought and sold largely across the world and is considered a gemstone that attracts wisdom, and royalty. This is why it is a top choice for fashion jewelry as engagement rings.

This gemstone is also one of the toughest and most durable gemstones that actually is scratch-proof. As a precious gemstone in Vedic astrology, sapphire is also linked with fame, wealth, and affluence.

 The Blue Sapphire has some Tanzanite properties which makes the Tanzanite gemstones for making tanzanite jewelry which has tanzanite benefits,

Difference between Tanzanite And Blue Sapphire gemstones

For an untrained eye, both gemstones are the same because they appear blue in color. But, for an experienced, there are a lot of parameters distinguishing one from another. As buying a gemstone is a pricey investment, making a thoughtful decision makes a lot of difference. To justify the monetary, sentimental, and ornamental value of the purchase, here are a few parameters on which both Blue Sapphire and Tanzanite gemstones must be assessed.

Tanzanite vs Blue Sapphire: The Color

As already stated, sapphire is available in a range of colors including blue, green, black, white, pink, purple, and yellow. The Blue Sapphire is set out of the lot because of the attractive color that catches the eye instantly. The blue in a sapphire holds a deep undertone. The blue is so pure that it fades all the other shades of blue. As you look at a Blue Sapphire, you see a solid blue color further showcasing vivid velvety to violets-blue, in medium to medium-dark tone. 

Tanzanite gemstones on the other hand have a blue-violet hue. It even can show a tinge of purple when looked at from different angles and under different lighting arrangements. Its color is the most striking feature of the gemstone that makes Tanzanite jewelry the first love of many jewelry enthusiasts. You can find Tanzanite gemstones featuring your Favorite shade of blue every time you look at it with a fresh pair of eyes and that’s what makes it set apart from its sister gemstone- Blue Sapphire.

 The Tanzanite Earrings has some Tanzanite properties which makes the Tanzanite gemstones for making tanzanite jewelry which has tanzanite benefits,

Tanzanite vs Blue Sapphire: The Rarity

Coming from the corundum mineral family, Blue Sapphires are found in the world in abundance. However, this does not make them any less valued. While there is another corundum gemstone that is rare to find, Blue Sapphires are relatively available more easily in different parts of the world. There are large mining setups in Australia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cameroon, China (Shandong), Colombia, Ethiopia, India (Kashmir), Kenya, and Laos, Blue Sapphire has limited production. Investing in this gemstone is worth it as despite being easily found, it has a limited availability in the market.

Tanzanite, in terms of rarity, beats Blue Sapphire anytime. This not-so-old gemstone is exclusively found in northern Tanzania and can be termed as super rare. Tanzanite jewelry fetches so much attraction because of the rarity of Tanzanite gemstones and hence the high prices. Even though it has been in the market for only a few decades, it beats any other priced gemstone anytime when it comes to exclusivity and rarity.

Tanzanite vs Blue Sapphire: The Hardness

The hardest known gemstone in the world is diamond and Blue Sapphire stands tall next to it with hardness measuring 9 on the Mohs scale. No doubt, it is one of the strongest and hardest gemstones. It is also a preferred choice of gemstone for engagement rings and fashion jewelry as it has a high toughness measure, no cleavage, and is resistant to wear and tear.

Tanzanite gemstones, in terms of hardness, are ranked an average gemstone. It measures 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale and is one soft gemstone. Although it is an excellent choice for engagement rings and Tanzanite jewelry is also very popular, it requires a certain level of care while wearing.

 The Tanzanite jewelry has some Tanzanite properties which makes the Tanzanite gemstones for making tanzanite jewelry which has tanzanite benefits,

Tanzanite vs Blue Sapphire: The Composition

Blue Sapphire belongs to the corundum family. It is made of aluminum oxide and is naturally found with no color. However, it can exhibit several colors including blue depending on the location of the mine.

Tanzanite gemstones are formed of the mineral zoisite combined with calcium, aluminum, and silica. It also has a few traces of vanadium. Depending upon the percentage of vanadium in a Tanzanite, it takes different hues of blue. Its color and rarity are further affected by other impurities including iron and titanium.

Tanzanite vs Blue Sapphire: The Properties

Blue Sapphire is a September birthstone and represents hope, integrity, nobility, and faithfulness. It is also said to bring affluence, wealth, and good luck into the life of the wearer. Moreover, since ancient times, Blue Sapphire is associated with royalty and was an exclusive gemstone worn by the royals once.

Tanzanite is a December birthstone and has exclusive benefits. Tanzanite properties include wisdom, dignity, and truth. Tanzanite benefits include amazing healing properties and it brings great equilibrium in one's life.

 The Blue Tanzanite has some Tanzanite properties which makes the Tanzanite gemstones for making tanzanite jewelry which has tanzanite benefits,

Tanzanite vs Blue Sapphire: The Clarity

Even the highest quality of sapphires comes with great imperfections and impurities. It is an innate feature of sapphire that does not affect its value or price. Blue Sapphires are known to have lesser impurities than other conundrum gemstones. There can be mineral crystals, cracks, color zoning, and branding.

Tanzanite beat sapphires when it comes to clarity. They do possess certain levels of impurities and inclusions but they are majorly untraceable with the naked eyes. The clarity affects the price of Tanzanite gemstones significantly. Most Tanzanite jewelry features Tanzanite with fewer or no inclusions.

The hue of Tanzanite gemstone also changes with the inclusions in it. For example, silk inclusion makes a Tanzanite appear velvetier and hence is a preferred choice.

Tanzanite vs Blue Sapphire: The Heat Treatment

To bring out the best color in sapphire, they are treated in high heat. For a quality purchase, the heat-treated darker color tone and saturation are one of the key considerations of gemstone enthusiasts. Heat treatment also enhances the clarity of the gemstone. More than 95% of Blue Sapphires are launched in the market after extensive heat treatment.

Heat works the same for Tanzanite gemstones as well. This gemstone gets a more intense and velvetier blue or violet color from the heat. Heat also eliminates the brown/burgundy axis to make the gemstone perfect. Before Tanzanite became popular for its originality, most of the Tanzanite gemstones were heat treated to make them look more similar to Blue Sapphire.

The Heating of Tanzanite Stone has some Tanzanite properties which makes the Tanzanite gemstones for making tanzanite jewelry which has tanzanite benefits,

Tanzanite vs Blue Sapphire: The Price

Having ties with the royals and as a revered gemstone for historic value, Blue Sapphire holds a higher price in the market than Tanzanite.

Tanzanite is also not a cheap gemstone and beats aquamarine or blue topaz in terms of price.

Tanzanite vs. Blue Sapphire: The Popularity

Blue Sapphire is a historic gemstone also called ‘the gemstone of the royals. No doubt it is more popular than Tanzanite gemstones.

It’s been only 50 years since Tanzanite joined the gemstone world and in this limited time, it has made a great place of its own. It is the ‘rarest gemstone in the world’ and hence is very popular. Bijoux en tanzanite is one of the most sold gemstone jewelry in the entire world.

Both Tanzanite gemstone and Blue Sapphire have distinctive properties that set them apart. Each has a right legacy to flaunt and value that beats many other gemstones. As a rare and invaluable addition to your gemstone collection, Tanzanite gemstone has its grace while sapphire shines bright with its hardness and exquisite ties with royalty.

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