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February 17, 2020
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Top 13 Blue Gemstones Used in Jewelry

Known to evoke clarity, heartfelt communications, and focus, blue gemstones have taken over the world with their vibrant shades. From turquoise and sky to royal blues and violets, there’s a gem for everyone. Here’s a glimpse at 13 of the most appealing gems.

1. Tanzanite

Tanzanite is one of the rarest and most beautiful gems in the world. Found solely at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzanite is a token of Tanzania’s rich history and heritage. It holds vibrant tones of blue, ranging from sky to royal to transcendent blue, and warm indigos.

Another significant appeal of Tanzanite is its rarity. Being a thousand times rarer than diamonds, Tanzanite is an inescapable collection piece for your jewelry box and your persona.

Tanzanite earrings containing beautiful and rare blue gemstones

2. Blue Diamonds

These gemstones are also among the rarest gems used for jewelry. These diamonds are known for their durability and their range of blues, ranging from light, greyish to dark. These factors make it a common but very expensive choice for jewelry.

3. Blue Sapphire

Sapphires are probably the most commonly known of the gems. The rough stone is often treated by jewelers to obtain greater clarity and alter the color of the gemstone. Sapphires are very common due to their durability and color.

 4. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is one of the blue gemstones with the lightest shade. Acquiring its name from the sea color, Aquamarine has varying shades of pale blue, turquoise, and sometimes spring blueish-green. It is a gem of high transparency and thermally enhanced coloring.

5. Blue Topaz

Once again, heat treatment creates the famous transparency and color of this gemstone. The gem is relatively affordable due to its common production on the market, unfortunately decreasing its intangible value.

6. Blue Tourmaline



Learn about the important grading process on how our Tanzanites are graded based on their 4c's.

This gemstone has high versatility. The shade of the stones may vary and depends on the concentration of minerals present.

The bluestone is often sold mixed with the green one for jewelry. Blue Tourmaline is also thought to offer many physical, spiritual, and mental benefits for the person wearing it. However, stones larger than 1 carat are very rare and expensive.

7. Blue Zircon

This gemstone has become increasingly popular on the market due to its resemblance to blue diamonds and its affordable price. However, its sparkle is known to fade relatively quickly. The stone is also known for being brittle and high risks of chipping.

8. Turquoise

Turquoise holds its name from its vibrant blue-green color. The opaque stone is often found with golden brown spottings and highlights. It is relatively affordable and available in abundance.+

9. Iolite

Iolites are similar to Sapphires, beautiful gemstones in various shades of blue and purple. However, its high availability reduces its collectible value on the market. Lolites are relatively durable and affordable for all types of jewelry.

10. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an opaque royal blue gemstone. It is often infused with golden or white highlights for more intricate designs. The mesmerizing color of the Lapis Lazuli, along with its accessibility and affordable price, makes it a well known stone among amateurs.

However, the softness of the gem makes it vulnerable to scratches and a significant loss in shine. Worn for multiple occasions, the Lapis Lazuli demands much care to remain in optimal condition.

11. Blue Labradorite

This gem holds its name from the optical effect, Labradorescence. The colors are not present inside the stone but are a result of the reflection of light within, providing the changing colors of Labradorite. These iridescent colors can match any jewelry.

12. Azurite

Azurite is another vibrant dark blue stone. The translucent stone turns into a cyan blue when exposed to light, and is relatively accessible.  However, Azurite’s blue pigmentation is known to sometimes fade to green with the passing of time. Extra care is thus advised when wearing and storing the gem.

13. Blue Garnet

This is a fairly new stone in the blue gemstones arena. The teal colored gem is extremely rare and thus, incredibly expensive. It is a unique stone with various mythical properties which is very collectible.

Blue gemstone; blue garnet in a ring

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Tanzanite is one of the most mesmerizing gemstones in the world. Known by many for its protective powers, it is said to promote a healthy and prosperous life. Take a look at our displays and online store to find the perfect rare gemstones for you.

Blue tanzanite gemstone presented in a box case



Learn about the important grading process on how our Tanzanites are graded based on their 4c's.
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