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March 31, 2020
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The Best Cut to Show Off your Tanzanite Stone

The Tanzanite stone is among the rarest and most beautiful blue gemstones in the world. From the raw stone extracted deep down in the mines to the sparkling mesmerizing gem you desperately desire around your finger, the Tanzanite is cut and polished expertly by our craftsmen. 

The rough blue gemstone comes to life, releasing its brilliance with the help of our specialists. With their dazzling shine and the fiery intensity of their blues and purples, they are a perfect choice for any piece of jewelry from rings and earrings, to necklaces and bracelets. 

However, each cut brings out a different aspect of the Tanzanite stone; its highlights, sparkle, range of colours, and so much more. There is no real perfect cut for Tanzanites, it is mostly up to the client’s eye.

To better understand the effect of cuts on a gemstone, you must first grasp the meaning of the ‘Fire, Luster and Brilliance’. These 3 terms are key factors in the grading of gemstones.

  • ‘Fire’ refers to the tendency of a gem to disperse light into different spectral colours.
  • ‘Luster’, however, refers to the way the light gets reflected from the surface of the gem.
  • ‘Brilliance’, on the other hand, indicates the reflection of light inside the gemstone.

Here are some of the different cuts to show off your Tanzanite stone:

1 Round

The ‘Round’ or ‘Round Brilliant’ is one of the most popular cuts for gemstones. Initially used mainly for diamonds, this cut has now been expanded to all kinds of gemstones, including the Tanzanite stone. This cut has 57 facets shaped to capture the stone’s brilliance and sparkle.

2 Marquise



Learn about the important grading process on how our Tanzanites are graded based on their 4c's.

The ‘Marquise Cut’ earned its name in the 18th century when King Louis XIV had a diamond shape into this specific cut for his mistress, the ‘Marquise de Pompadour’.

Over time, this cut has also been extended to the Tanzanite stone and various other gems. The ‘Marquise’ has 57 expertly cut facets giving it its brilliance and showing off its intricate colour and sparkle. Symmetry and depth are some of the most important factors to maintain optimum light reflection and intensity of the colour in this type of cut.

3. Princess

The ‘Princess Cut’ is a square shaped brilliant cut with facets ranging from 58 to 76. It portrays impressive lustre, giving it an extra sparkle. This cut is the second most popular cut on the market, positioned just after the ‘Round Cut’.

4 Cushion

The ‘Cushion Cut’, previously known as the ‘Old Mine Cut’ was one of the most widespread gemstone cuts introduced on the market before the end of the 19th century. Its square shape with smoothly rounded edges earned it the new name, ‘Cushion Cut’, sometimes also referred to as ‘Pillow Cut’. This shape has an approximate number of 64 facets maintaining the gem’s incredible luster and brilliance. This cut is also renowned for using a greater portion of its raw gemstone than most of the other cuts.

5 Pear

The ‘Pear Cut’ is also known as the ‘Teardrop Cut’ due to its oval shape with one pointed side. The modified brilliant cut with 71 facets reflects light inside the gem elegantly and showcases its deep blue colour.

6 Trilliant

The ‘Trilliant Cut’ is a triangular shaped cut with slightly rounded edges. Its facets may vary from 31 to 43, giving it its famous brilliance and emphasizing the rich blue colour of the Tanzanite. Its symmetrical shape and angles make the ‘Trilliant Cut’ a perfect choice for sophisticated jewelry.

7 Oval

The ‘Oval Cut’ is also among the family of the modified brilliant cuts, offering the fire and brilliance of a ‘Round Cut’, and a different unique style. Halfway between a ‘Round Cut’ and a ‘Marquise Cut’, the 69 facets of this cut and its elongated shape give the impression of a larger gem and a significant reflection of light inside the gem.

Oval tanzanite pendant

8 Octagon

The ‘Octagon Cut’, similar to an ‘Emerald Cut’, is a rectangular shape with trimmed corners. Its 53 facets are cut using a ‘step-cut’ method, whereby the gem is trimmed into wide flat step like facets from all sides. This type of cut is ideal to highlight the deep natural colour of Tanzanite.

Octagon Tanzanite stone in white gold pendant

However, inclusions can easily be seen in these types of cuts. It is thus important when selecting the gem for this cut to pick a stone which has extraordinary colour and without those small blemishes inside the gem.

9 Heart

The ‘Heart Shaped Cut’ is at its origin a ‘Pear Cut’ with a cleft at the top. This cut is popular for its focus on fire and sparkle, as well as its symbolism. With 59 facets, the ‘Heart Shaped Cut’ is all about symmetry. The proportion and cutting of both halves of the heart should be perfectly symmetrical and have a very sharp cleft with softly rounded sides. 

Tanzanite earrings with heart shaped stone


Yet, how do you choose from this plethora of shapes, sizes and shades available in our stores? Which cut will bring out the gem’s shine and depth? Which one of these sumptuously cut gemstones will have what you are looking for? 

This guide is here to help you choose the cut which matches your personality and taste. Feel free to take a look at our Tanzanite Experience catalogue to find the jewel best suited for you.

Beautiful Tanzanite bracelet



Learn about the important grading process on how our Tanzanites are graded based on their 4c's.
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