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April 16, 2020
3 mins.

The 7 Wonders of Tanzanite

Indigenous to the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzanite is one of the most well-known blue stones in the world. Infused down to its core with the spirit and heritage of Tanzania, 7 of its wonders make the stone stand out as one of the most desirable gems in the world. Discover the 7 facts that make this stone mystical and fascinating in the world.

1. One Thousand Times Rarer than Diamonds

The unique geology, pressures and intense temperatures of Mount Kilimanjaro offer you this once in a lifetime deposit of intense blue-purple gems rich in history.

With experts ranging the chances of finding it anywhere in the world at one in a million, Tanzanite is one of the rarest and most intriguing gemstones known to man.

Experts have predicted Tanzanite mines will have given their last gem-quality stone in 10 to 20 years, giving it incredible collectible value. These factors have shaped Tanzanite as one of the most coveted stones, estimated to be at least one thousand times rarer than diamonds.

2. Good Luck and Prosperity

Tanzanite is known to hold attributes of good luck and prosperity. The deep blue stone is thought to be a transformation stone which helps dissolve old negative patterns and habits allowing the bearer to move on in life with a renewed sense of direction, purpose, optimism and confidence; all the key ingredients for prosperity. The gem is also believed to attract energies of good luck, wealth and success propelling you into your best life. 

3. New Life and New Beginnings

Also known as a Blue Zoisite, the Tanzanite is a stone of many properties. Beyond its unprecedented beauty, intense range of blues and rarity, Tanzanite has often been associated with new life and new beginnings. The stone can be gifted for births and new milestones in life as a token of fortune and hope.



Learn about the important grading process on how our Tanzanites are graded based on their 4c's.

It is a stone of fresh starts, rejuvenated health and protection when stepping into this world. This tradition is deeply rooted in Maasai customs, women would be gifted Tanzanite stones after childbirth as a symbol of good luck.

4. A Heirloom Stone

Heirlooms are keepers of time and memories. Passing on a piece of jewelry to another generation is a sign of love, pride and family, symbolizing the passing down of a lifelong heritage. The rarity and beauty of Tanzanite complements this tradition as a perfect heirloom stone to carry through the future.

Whether set in a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings, a Tanzanite stone holds emotions, traditions and ancestral history, ensuring it will never feel outdated. Offering a Tanzanite heirloom means offering a physical keepsake of your affection which will only increase in value over the years.

5. Fairly Durable Stone

With a Mohs’s scale rating of around 6.5 to 7, Tanzanite is a quite strong and durable stone as it is fairly resistant to harsh impacts. With some attention, the gemstone will easily conquer scratches from daily exposure. While earrings and necklaces are usually not at much risk, rings should be given a little extra care. It is quite surprising to find a gemstone with this much character, fire and such a malleability, making it easier to carve and cut for the best results.

6. Radiates 3 Different Colors

Another wonder and one of the most appreciated facts about Tanzanite lies in its unique coloration. With vibrant blues, purples and reddish-lavender hues, this gem is one of the few stones radiating 3 different colors in one. Various factors determine the final color of a Tanzanite from the stone itself to the depth of their cut, these colors usually ranging from intense royal blue and violet to lighter shades.

7. Birthstone for December

If you were born in December, then you are one of the lucky few who can claim the Tanzanite as their birthstone. This traditional practice of wearing gemstones related to your birth month has fascinated many people over the years with beliefs that the power of the stones would be an ally helping you gain luck, happiness and strength in life. This precious stone is a perfect gift to offer a loved one or to gift oneself on a birthday. It is a thoughtful, delicate and wonderful way of showing you care and wishing them the best.

Why Wait Any Longer?

The rarity, color and properties of the Tanzanite stone have raised it to be one of the most desirable gems in the world. With its 7 wonders bringing you fire, brilliance, captivating coloration and attributes of luck, fortune and happiness, it is an exquisite gem complimenting you and a life guide to anyone who wears it. 



Learn about the important grading process on how our Tanzanites are graded based on their 4c's.
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