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Oval Stones: The Versatile Gems for Every Occasion

Oval stones have always been celebrated for their versatility, as they offer endless possibilities to create amazing jewel designs. A perfect choice for a vast range of jewelry pieces, oval stone offers a timeless appeal and an elegant touch that attracts gemstones and jewelry enthusiasts from across the world. Its versatile nature has always been highlighted because oval stone never goes out of fashion and has the ability to enhance the overall look and appeal of any type of jewel be it earrings, rings, engagement rings, or more.

The Tanzanite Experience feels proud to be a classified seller of oval stone. We are best known for our oval stone brilliant diamond collection and oval shaped tanzanites. We have a classic collection of oval stones in different sizes and color waiting to enhance the grandeur of your beautiful jewelry pieces. Whether you want an oval stone for your jewelry design or just as an investment to increase over time, we can present you with the right stone for your requirement and budget.

While wearing an oval stone, you do not have to think twice! This versatile gemstone goes with a wide range of attires including casual, formal as well as modern contemporary styles. Also, it is a sophisticated cut and symmetrical shape making it an ideal choice for a wide range of occasions.

Our collection of oval gemstones has an oval stone brilliant diamond that possesses an incurable ability to reflect light and great a brilliant and sparkling effect. Oval stones are also exceptional when it comes to colour retention which makes the done radiate vibrant hues and flaunt its beauty.

Brilliant Tanzanite Oval shape Gemstones

A beautiful oval stone compliments both modern and conventional ring designs, necklace designs as well as earring settings. Revered for its length-to-width ratio, oval stones are impressive with a symmetrical shape, sophisticated appearance, and timeless appeal.

Want an oval shape gemstone now? We welcome you to explore our collection of oval shaped stones and choose the best ones. Our team at The Tanzanite Experience is committed to making your shopping experience rich and satisfactory. Our collection of oval stones includes:

 Oval stone brilliant diamond, oval shapes tanzanites, oval-shaped rubies, oval shaped emeralds, oval shaped sapphires, and many more.

Unleashing The Versatility of Oval Gemstones

We have the right oval stone for your choice of jewelry design. Yes, oval shape stones are an excellent choice for a wide range of jewelry design thanks to their versatile look, appeal, and shape. You can buy high-quality oval stones at The Tanzanite Experience and get them fitted in your preferred jewel designs. The popular choice of jewel pieces with oval stone setting includes:

The oval stone Brilliant Diamond Tanzanite Stone

Pendant setting

A combination of oval shapes gemstone with diamonds is an ideal choice for a pendant setting and is loved by jewelry enthusiasts from all corners of the world. The diamond setting enhances the sparkle of the oval stone making the whole setting breathtakingly striking.


You can buy oval stone from us to complete your classic as well as contemporary earring designs. For timeless beauty and an elegant ensemble, oval-shaped gemstones are the best.  You can choose to fit them in a drop earring setting or a stud earring setting as oval stone makes a perfect selection for both types.

Solitaire rings

 If you want an eye-catching solitaire ring design, the ideal choice of stone is oval stone. The brilliance of the oval stone perfectly complements your beautiful fingers making them look elegant and elongated.

Beautiful Tanzanite oval gemstone cut Ring

Whether you want to make it a perfect anniversary gift or add an oval stone brilliant diamond to your engagement ring, oval stone at The Tanzanite Experience is the best choice. We maintain the quality of the oval stones and add only the choicest of gemstones to our collection. The cut, clarity, carat, and color of our gemstone are premium, making our collection the most unique and genuine among the competition.

To experience the real grandeur of oval stone, visit us at The Tanzanite Experience, and let us give you a peek at our amazing collection. You can find the finest oval stones in our collection in all sizes and length-to-width ratios to suit your personal preferences.

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Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and brilliance with our exquisite collection of Tanzanite gemstones. 



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