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The Popularity and Rarity of Octagon-Cut Gemstones in the Market

Octagon cut gemstones are a masterpiece of artistic cutting technique and brilliance of natural gemstones. The popularity of gemstones does vary depending on factors such as trends, fashion preferences, and more but octagon cut gemstones are evergreen. Their unique shape and extraordinary brilliance have always kept them apart from the competition.

The Tanzanite Octagon Cut Gemstone, in different view

At The Tanzanite Experience, we specialize in octagon shaped gemstones as we have the finest of the gemstones under this category. Also known as the emerald cut, the octagon-shaped gemstone features a step-cut style with rectangular facets and trimmed corners. Beautiful tanzanite cut into an octagonal shape is a classic choice that many respected gemstone enthusiasts make when it comes to octagon gemstone shopping.

What Makes Our Octagon Gemstones Popular

Our collection of octagon gemstones is popular in the market for several reasons including our close follow-ups with the latest trends and fashion, our ability to cater to the customer’s preferences, high quality and exclusive gemstones in the collection, as well as decent pricing.

We source the finest and purest of octagon shaped gemstones from the parts of the world where they naturally occur. The supplier in our network is highly reputed, certified, and known for their commitment to sustainability and ethical mining. This ensures that our collection of mesmerizing, captivating, and brilliant octagon cut gemstones exclusively features the highest quality standards.

From commonly found gemstones to rare gemstone types like Tanzanite, our assortment of octagon shaped gemstone has every possible gemstone that you would ever want for your jewelry pieces.

The Blue Tanzanite Octagon Gemstone

Dedicated to making your shopping experience as amazing as possible, we constantly guide and help you throughout the octagon gemstone buying process. You can rest assured that the octagon shaped gemstones at The Tanzanite Experience are the most precious ones in the entire market. Just let us know your preferences and we are happy to offer you the finest of the octagon shaped gemstones.

Octagon-Cut Gemstones: How to Choose the Perfect One for Your Collection

We take pride in being the best octagon gemstone seller with the finest assortment of beautiful, high quality and genuine octagon shaped gemstones. Best known for their rarity and authenticity, our octagon gemstones are a precious possession that also makes a perfect gift. It is one of the most sought-after jewels for a wide range of jewelry designs. Octagon shape gemstone makes a perfect centerpiece for your designer necklace or a captivating pendant, Octagon shaped gemstones are also a perfect addition to engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, earrings, and more.

The Tanzanite Experience ensures that you get the best octagon shape gemstone at our store. As a customer-centric gemstone store, we always help you choose the best octagon shape gemstone. Right from the gemstone type to 4Cs as well as proportions, there are a lot of aspects of buying an octagon cut gemstone that you must know to ensure a quality purchase.

A Tanzanite Ring of Octagon Shape Gemstone

The octagon cut gemstone at The Tanzanite Experience features a striking length-to-width ratio of the octagon shape. We are very specific about the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of our octagon cut gemstones and ensure that every piece in our assortment has the best 4Cs grade.

For Tanzanite lovers, we have the most authentic gemstones procured from the mines of Tanzania. Even our supplier network is committed to ethical mining processes and a sustainable gemstone processing approach.

The certification of the gemstone is also a crucial aspect of evaluating the quality of the gemstone. Our gemstones however come with a reputable gemmological certificate from a recognized laboratory confirming their characteristics, including their cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

The reputation of sellers is yet another important consideration in choosing the right octagon shape gemstone. The Tanzanite Experience holds the reputation of a trusted, reliable, and authentic gemstone store where you can buy a wide range of octagon shape gemstones of all sizes and shapes. Originating from their natural habitats, these gemstones are a wonderful part of the gemstone world which is further enhanced by our gemstone-cutting experts.

Come, visit The Tanzanite Experience, and buy the most authentic octagon shaped gemstones.

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