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December 15, 2020
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Lithotherapy: The Powers of Tanzanite

Lithotherapy, also commonly known as stone energy healing, is an ancestral practice founded on the belief that stones have very specific vibrations and frequencies which can treat illness, trigger auras and attract positive energies.

Still, nowadays, this practice has remained fairly common and become even more detailed. The frequency of specific quarts, stones and gems can now be determined making it easier to select the artefacts tailored to your needs or the requested outcomes. 

Lithotherapy begins with introspection. Take the time to identify what is missing from your life before looking at the properties of a thousand stones. Once you have analysed the areas of your life you wish to improve, find the right stone or stones to help achieve these goals. Based on your desires, specialists can easily guide you towards the stones which will contribute to your healing, protection, nourishment and more.

1. Origin of Lithotherapy

From Greek Lithos : “stone” and therapeuein, “Treat”, lithotherapy finds its roots in Mesopotamia and other ancient civilizations where stones and medicinal herbs were used for their therapeutic virtues. It appears that stones can transfer positive energies depending on their specific properties.


Thus, people use stones to attract positive vibrations and outcomes by wearing the gems as pendants, rings, and bracelets or simply by placing them at specific locations around their house, workplace and more.

2. History

Since the old ages, numerous witnesses have attested for the healing and protective powers of Lithotherapy. Aristote, Pine The Ancient, Dioscoride, and even later, Marbode, Albert the Great, and Conrad von Megenberg, all corroborated the miraculous treatment and prevention of some diseases to the properties of stones.

Under the power of the church in Europe, these powers were abandoned to avoid association with Paien practices. However, the educated Abbess Hildegarde de Bingen (1098 - 1179) reiterates, in her book Physica, the powers of Lithotherapy and encourages more people to benefit from its effects. The book covers the character and curative attributes of about 24 gemstones. According to her, the creation of the stones, involving fire and water, infuses the gems with the properties of both these powerful natural elements.

Tanzanite; one of the many stones used in lithotherapy

3. Tanzanite and Lithotherapy

While most stones, quartzs and gems have a long history of lithotherapy, Tanzanite is a fairly new addition to the practice for the simple reason that it was only recently discovered.

First found at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Mererani in 1967, the Tanzanite stone is among the latest rare precious stones discovered and are expected to run out in the next few decades giving it incredible collectible value.

Despite its youth, Tanzanite has little to envy other stones. Already well-appreciated for its intense blue, red and violet hues, Tanzanite is also well-known in the lithotherapy practice for its wholesome properties.

Physical benefits of Tanzanite:

The physical benefits of the Tanzanite stone cover a wide range of problematic areas. To benefit from all its properties, the Tanzanite stone is best worn on yourself as a ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings. When worn, the stone is known to have a favourable effect to eyes and ears, as well as promoting the activation of the brain for a sharp and agile mind.

The mineral also helps by facilitating the work of your kidneys and increasing circulation to the nervous system. It is recognised to stimulate cell regeneration leading to noticeable benefits to the skin and bones.

Psychological benefits of Tanzanite:

On a more psychological level, the Tanzanite is known to stimulate imagination and creativity making it a trusted ally for artists. When in search of inspiration, Tanzanite has been praised for helping in the manifestation of art in all its forms including painting, music, and writing among others. 

A stone for self-fulfillment and renewal, Tanzanite also influences curiosity and the courage to fight for one’s ideas. By drawing on one’s personality, the mineral stone pushes you to surpass yourself by digging deeper into your positive inner traits and most idealistic dreams and aspirations.

The stone of spiritual elevation, Tanzanite acts as a soothing companion guiding you on the path of wisdom and enlightenment. The stone helps develop intuition and sensory perception to gently push you through daily obstacles and hurdles. Some varieties are even associated with the heightened ability to find light in darkness through foresight and clairvoyance.

The Placebo Effect

While scientists have a hard time quantifying the effects of Lithotherapy, it is often linked with the ‘Placebo effect’. According to research, even the use of placebos (inert medicine) can get the mind to trigger the body’s healing properties by making it think that it took medicine which will cure it. Similarly, above lithotherapy and its properties, some of its effects can be attributed to the Placebo effect.

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