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September 6, 2022
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10 Facts To Know About Tanzanite

Among the rarest and most beautiful precious stones in the world, the Tanzanite has grown increasingly famous for its fire, hypnotic velvet blue, and authenticity. Despite its young age, this gemstone has a lot of unique features and attributes which make it an investment worth your while. As a bold and beautiful accessory complimenting even the simplest of outfits, Tanzanite is a fashionable and audacious piece of jewelry with a plethora of remarkable facets. For those who are not yet familiar with this unique blue gem, here are 10 Tanzanite facts to know about Tanzanite.

Blue Zoisite

Now famous around the world under the name ‘Tanzanite’, this initial term used to label this precious gem was not always so catchy and glamorous. Like most stars of our generation, ‘Tanzanite’ has taken on a stage name for the spotlight. After its discovery, the analysis of its composition determined that this striking blue gem was in fact a rare form of ‘Blue Zoisite’ crystal. However, after falling in love with the stone, famous American jewelers, Tiffany and Co., renamed the precious gem with a ring fit for its uniqueness, beauty, and stature. Coined in honor of its country of origin, Tanzanite soon became the new must-have across the world. Thanks, Tiffany and Co.

Know About Tanzanite Facts in deep

A Single Source Stone

Tanzanite stands among the rare gemstones with only a single source in the world. While diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and the like have been found in multiple deposits around the world. Tanzanite, on the other hand, has only ever been found over a small stretch of land at the foothill of the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, an important fact to know about Tanzanite. Due to the incredibly specific geological conditions that sparked the birth of the Tanzanite stone, geologists have declared that the chance of finding another deposit of the gem around the world is close to one in a million. 

This testimony of the uniqueness and richness of Tanzania, home to one of the most beautiful and exciting precious stones known to date, has served as a wonderful advertising slogan for jewelers, Tiffany and Co., who after buying the gemstones from Tanzania, proudly stated that there were only two places in the world to get your Tanzanite: Tanzania and Tiffany. 

The only Tanzanite Fact that is from Tanzania

A Thousand Times Rarer Than Diamonds

As mentioned before, the specific conditions that created the deposits of Tanzanite are so unique that they could only have happened during the massive event that gave birth to Mount Kilimanjaro. However, this event only created a limited amount of deposits in the bedrock of the mountain. Geologists have estimated that the Tanzanite mines are expected to run out in the next two decades. This makes Tanzanite about a thousand times rarer than diamond. Due to this, Tanzanite has also often been referred to as ‘the gem of a generation’ as now is the only time to buy first-hand Tanzanite. To acquire the precious stone in the future, interested parties will need to buy it secondhand from other people or collectors at a high price.

Trichroic Features

Another aspect that adds to the uniqueness of the Tanzanite stone is its unusual trichroic features. While we all love the intense royal blue for which the Tanzanite is typically known, what most people don’t know is that there is much more to this gem than meets the eye. Due to its trichroic nature, Tanzanite showcases different shades and colors when viewed from different angles and under different lighting. For example, in broad daylight or under the white bulb of your office, your Tanzanite may appear a striking and vivid royal blue, however, more incandescent lighting may bring to the surface a beautiful, eye-catching violet or even red undertones. Similarly, when viewed from the top, your stone may showcase a deep velvet blue under certain light and an enticing violet when seen from the side. This feature makes Tanzanite a truly special gem with character.

Unveiling an Astonishing Tanzanite Fact

The Birthstone of December

Another fact you may have missed about this lovely gemstone is that it has been named the birthstone of December. After years of being unchanged, the American Gem Trade Association gave Tanzanite the honor of becoming one of the selected gemstones for the month of December. As a popular tradition that has prevailed in the modern age, wearing a piece of your birthstone is believed to bring fortune, alignment, and happiness to its wearer. In this regard, our December babies can count themselves lucky to have inherited such a powerful birthstone. Known to evoke strength, self-realization, luck, love and so much more, Tanzanite could be the little extra push you have been looking for.

Unique healing properties

It is well known nowadays that some ancestral practices, such as plant-based medicine, acupuncture, and chiropractic techniques, are giving amazing results and improving the health and life of their patients. However, have you ever heard of the wonders of Lithotherapy? Much like wearing your birthstone to attract luck and love, among others, this ancient practice is concerned with the physical and mental benefits of precious stones.

Tanzanite is well known among practitioners and amateurs of lithotherapy as a regenerative stone able to promote the renewal of cells for better skin and bones. It is also said to increase the circulation of blood to the nervous system and promote the activation of the brain for swift and agile thinking.

The Largest Tanzanite Found

Up until 2005, the Mawenzi had taken the crown as the largest Tanzanite found. However, this title was recently taken by the discovery of, not one but, two more significant pieces in 2020. The discovery was made by Saniniu Lazer, a small-scale miner from Simanjiro in the Manyara region. Both untreated gems have been weighed 9.2kg and 5.8kg and bought by the Tanzanian government for a worth of 4.5 and 3.3 billion Tanzanian shillings respectively. The stones are now displayed at a local museum to honor the wealth of Tanzania. Acquiring a fortune of 7.8 billion shillings overnight, M. Laizer has joined the list of Tanzanian billionaires for his exceptional find.

Unveiling  Tanzanite Fact of The Largest Tanzanite Ever Found

The 4C’s

Using the same method as diamond, Tanzanite is evaluated and graded using the 4C’s; Clarity, Cut, Carat weight, and Color. This grading system allows gemologists and sellers to estimate the quality and value of a stone after it has been treated and cut. After extensive analysis, the gems will be allocated a grade and price. Each Tanzanite sold at The Tanzanite Experience comes with its own unique Certificate of Authenticity which vouches for the quality, grade, and value of the precious stone or jewelry being sold. They also attest that the gem you are buying has been mined in respect of the Tucson Tanzanite Protocol as well as labor and human rights laws.

A Gift for Maasai Births

The symbolism of Tanzanites is deeply linked to the story and traditions of its people. Since its discovery, it has become a custom among the Maasai people of Tanzania to give a Tanzanite stone to a mother right after childbirth. As the stone is said to offer luck and fortune, this gesture is meant to ensure a long and prosperous life for the newborn baby. Not limited to Tanzania, this custom has grown and reached areas of the world where Tanzanite jewelry is now offered to mark births.

Fascinating Tanzanite Fact that it's A Gift for Maasai Births

A Store of Value

An important fact to remember for those looking to invest in jewelry, Tanzanite is an exceptional store of value. Much like gold or real estate, the beauty of acquiring these possessions lies in their constantly growing worth. Despite challenging financial times, some material possessions usually maintain or even increase their value. These are known as ‘stores of value. Due to its rarity and the impending depletion of its mines, Tanzanite is an incredible example of this phenomenon as its worth and collectible value, only keep growing.

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